Founded in 2012, Faraz Aliaj Sepanta(FAS) is a privately held engineering and construction company providing Design, Engineering, Construction, Procurement and QA/QC Technical Support Services in field of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power plant industries. We consolidate civil, process, mechanical and electrical to provide multidiscipline engineering and construction Services, based on the standards and modern management techniques.

FAS company aims at providing the most valuable services in various fields such as project management, consulting, engineering, procurement services, technical inspection. FAS has a solid and trusworthy histroy in cooperation and collaboration with well-known international companies in providing the requests of oil, gas and petrochemical industries. We utilize hardware facilities, software skills, and highly valued expert human resources. We believe that we can be the pioneer in exploring new fields such as clean energy, environmental studies, and Infrastructures.

Having a deep and thorough understanding of the industry needs leads us to the implementation of the latest technologies and infrastructures for our local and global customers while satisfying all the affected parties and the stakeholders. FAS is proud of its core values: enabling projects full potential, delivering the tasks on time and detailed project timelines while meeting strict technical and constructional constraints. The company is driven by presenting the highest value to its shareholders, providing safe and sustainable project solutions for customers, and contributing to the communities we work in.