ساخت و ساز سیستم های مدیریت کیفیت, کنترل کیفیت تضمین کیفیت (QA/QC) خدمات پشتیبانی فنی

FAS ارائه خدمات QA / QC بازرسی و پشتیبانی فنی در مراحل مختلف پروژه از تهیه و ساخت و ساز به راه اندازی و نگهداری. ما همچنین در خدمت مشتریان ما به عنوان هماهنگی و پشتیبانی فنی از بدن شخص بازرسی شخص ثالث,en (TPI) to certify importing and exporting goods, equipment and materials in compliance with the latest relevant codes, Rules and Regulations. Utilizing engineering knowledge in addition to our different approach enable us to go beyond common inspection services and offer innovative and tailor-made services that meet client demands and specific requirements.

We are the business partner of British QA/QC Construction company ( in Iran. Our scope of services cover all of the following activities:

1- Procurement and Construction Quality Management system coordination
2- Construction QA/QC Inspection documentation
3- Assessment and auditing of subcontractors and vendors
4- Construction QA/QC Plans and procedures
5- Project QA/QC Control workmanship and schedule delay
6- Coordination of inspection Third Parties
7- QA/QC Training technical support via QA/QC Web Site
8- Project technical QA/QC specification review
9- Project QA/QC tender reviews
10- QA/QC Risk coordination
11- QA/QC Lessons Learned programs
12- QA/QC Technical support to site construction contractors
13- QA/QC Purchase order review and compilation
14- Review of contractors and vendors project QA/QC deliverables
15- طرح ساخت و ساز کنترل کیفیت (QCP).
16- بازرسی ساخت و ساز و برنامه تست (ITP).
17- Executive Plans and Procedures (EPP).
18- Welding Working Instructions for Shop and/or Field Fabrications.
19- NDT Instructions (VT, PT, MT, UT and RT)
20- Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) Procedures.
21- همه روش های کنترل کیفیت مربوط قالب مانند WPS بازدید کنندگان, PQR s, sand blast and paintings, coatings and hot or cold insulation, Cathodic protection systems for underground facilities and others in accordance with accepted standards in the projects.
22- Documentation of Quality Management Systems